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Biography of Erik Thomson

Erik Thomson (born April 27, 1967 in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom) is a British-born New Zealand actor best known for playing Hades in the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Dr. Mitch Stevens in All Saints and Dave Rafter in Packed to the Rafters. He also won an Australian Film Award for his appearance in Australian feature film Somersault. Wikipedia

Filmography of Erik Thomson

  1. The Boys Are Back (2009)
  2. Accidents Happen (2009)
  3. The Black Balloon (2008)
  4. We're Here to Help (2007)
  5. Man Janson (2005)
  6. Tackle (2004)
  7. Diagnosis Narcolepsy (2002)
  8. Justin Brown (2001)

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